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What Are the Requirements of Effective Monitoring of Clinical Trials?
Great Familiarity with and Understanding of the Study Protocol!
Great Familiarity With GCP and Other Pertinent Regulations
Familiarity With Both the Protocol and the Regulations!
None of the Above!


cheklist Clinical Research Monitoring Checklists

This category features articles relevant to clinical research monitoring documents and checklists, such as checklists for conducting interim/periodic monitoring visits, site initiation visit checklists, site study closeout visits, just to name a few. Members of CRACONNECTION.COM have the opportunity to comment and voice their opinions on such articles, using our comment feature system. Please click the article (s) you are interested in to read its content. Please remember to comment, ask questions and find answers.

1     Clinical Research Associate Checklist for Monitoring Protocol Compliance/Adherence
2     Clinical Research Associate Checklist for Monitoring Case Report Forms (CRFs) Completion
3     Clinical Research Associate's Checklist for Monitoring Serious Adverse Events (SAEs)
4     Clinical Research Associates Monitoring: Things to Consider and Monitor


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